Workshops and learning

The Past

  • Over the years there were many exciting workshops and courses in Drawing,Perspective and Watercolour.


  •  New to Watercolour Feb 4 and Intermediate Watercolour Feb17 and 18 at Route22 Art Gallery - Cochrane AB.
  • here
  • Drawing at Kensington Art, Calgary 
  • Feb 27 andMarch 6

  • Drawing at Route22 Art Gallery in Cochrane, Alberta March 16th for part 1 and March24th for part 2.A fresh approach with lots of drawing.Sign up at

The Future

  • Plein Air painting day at the Bar U National Park in August. Contact me and indicate your interest and best timing. here

Workshops and courses are conducted with you in mind! A hands-on, interactive approach, with my mini demos to really create a fresh approach to learning.It's also designed to be fun wether you are just beginning drawing and painting or been at it for years. Try it out. I'm certain you'll find the the workshop or course enjoyable and beneficial. Drop me a note if you have any questions or concerns. here

How I Work

I work with a limited range of colours and a few select brushes ... and lots of water! I almost always use a sketch as reference. I'm always focused on light and mood which is enhanced by a few well placed details. The steps and process that I use is an integral part of the workshop or course. Seeing it done with the same reference that you are using will bring the elementsthat we are exploring to life.

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